Method: getNodeNav($id , [$params])

Returns an InvNodeNav object for node $id, or null on error.

$params may contain an array of conditions by which to filter the nav results, eg:
array( 'tags'=>array('tag1,'tag2'),'documenttype_id'=>array(1,2) )
Return only documents tagged with "tag1' or 'tag2' and of documenttype 1 or 2.
If $params['recursive'] == true the nav will fetch not just direct children of the current nav, but any child anywhere in the node hierarchy within the current node.
When fetching a node nav, specify $params('haschildren' => true) to only get back nodes which have content pages within them.


$id (INT)
$params (ARRAY) optional - defaults to NULL





Example 2:

$this->getNodeNav($this->document->currentnode->id , array( 'tags'=>array('tag1,'tag2'),'documenttype_id'=>array(1,2) ) );

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