Method: getArchivePage($type , $monthyear , $num_results_per_page , $page , [$refresh])

Returns an array for page $page of nav links for the period $monthyear. Sorted in publication date order, latest first. Each array item will be an InvNavLink object.


$type (ENUM)
- all: All documents or nodes included in this node.
- allbaseonly: All documents or nodes which have this node as their base node.
- document: Documents included within this node.
- documentbaseonly: Just documents which have this node as their base node.
- node: Just nodes which are immediate children of this node

$monthyear (STRING)
Month and Year for this set of archive nav links. Truncated ISO format string eg '2014-02'

$num_results_per_page (INT)
Number of links to show in each page of this nav.

$page (INT)
Page of nav to show

$refresh (BOOL) optional - default: false
If $refresh=true, the method refreshes the nav object's internal cache from the database first.


OBJECT consisting of:
$response->links = ARRAY of InvLink OBJECTs
$response->pagination = ARRAY of nav pagination links


$nodenav->getPage('document' , '2014-02' , 30 , 1)

Example 2:

if($nodenav = $this->getNodeNav($this->document->currentnode->id)){
	foreach($nodenav->getPage('document' , '2014-02' , 30 , 1)->links as $link){
		echo $link->getTitle();

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