Editing content on your dotAdmin website

When you log in to your website, you'll be taken to your home screen, which looks like this:

Each title under the 'Name' column represents an area of your website, and you'll see an 'Edit' option to the right of each one.

To add or change content in any of these sections, click on its Edit button.

This will open a page that looks like this:

The page will automatically open on the 'Page Details' tab, as show above.

In the 'Title' section, you can change the heading of the section you're working on:

Underneath this, you'll see a larger field, labelled 'Content', which looks like this:

You can input your content into this text editor, and use the icons at the top to format it.
More information about how the content editor works available here.

NB: You can hover your cursor over each one for a description of its function.

NB: The icons and their related functions are very similar to the ones you'll find in Microsoft Word or other word processor programmes.


Under the text field, you'll also notice 2 tick boxes:

If you select Show in Top Links, the system will automatically generate a link to this section of text, which will show in the top right hand corner of your website. This allows users to select the link and jump straight to that specific piece of content.

By selecting the Show in Homepage Boxes option, this section of content will display in the column sections of your site:

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you’ve made changes to your website content, DO NOT FORGET to click on the Publish or Publish & Exit buttons to save your changes!

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