EU VAT Regulations and VATMOSS compliance (#VATMOSS / #VATMESS)

dotAdmin's ecommerce core now includes measures to help business comply with the new EU VAT regulations over the sale of digital services and downloads.

dotAdmin can:

  • Calculate the correct VAT to charge on your product for each territory.
  • Charge the approriate VAT rates for different categories of product (ebook, music download, Saas) in different states.
  • Validate the user entered VAT number to ensure that B2B sales are rated correctly.
  • Produce VAT sales reports for each EU country code.
  • Record the purchaser IP address, postal address, country and VAT number and archive this data for a long as required.

If you need help complying with the new EU VAT regulations for your digital product, music download, eBook sales or SaaS service, drop us a line to talk about setting up your dotAdmin powered solution.

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