Changing the banner heading

The banner heading, image and any additional text appear at the top of your web pages, and are the first thing a visitor sees when they open a page – so it’s important to ensure that they can quickly see exactly what it is you’re offering!

Whilst editing a page on your website, you will be presented with a selection of tabs. If your pages have a banner heading section, You'll see a tab labelled "Heading Banner" Clicking the tab will bring you to this screen:

Banner Heading Text: Use this field to type in your main banner heading – this could be the name of your company, perhaps along with a few words describing your industry, products or services.

Banner Text: Use this field to include a little more text directly underneath the main heading. This could be a strapline, your company’s mission statement or a brief description of your services.

Banner Image: By using the browse button next to this field, you can change the image used in your banner.

Banner Tint: If you click the arrow button, you will see a drop down menu with values from 0% to 90%. This will change the brightness of your image – you can try several different settings until you find the one you like best.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you’ve made changes to your website content, DO NOT FORGET to click on the Publish or Publish & Exit buttons to save your changes!

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