Adding a Link in the WYSIWYG Editor

If you wish to create a link in the WYSIWYG editor, please follow this quick guide:

Highlight the text you wish to use as your link source and click on this icon:

You will now see a box:

The Link Info tab offers a Link Type drop-down menu, which allows you to choose:

URL: A link to another web page or external website.

Link to anchor in the text: a link that will 'jump' the reader to another section in the text. See the Content Editor documentation for information about adding an anchor point within your text.

Email: a link to an email address.

Select the option you wish to use - this is most commonly another URL.

Protocol: unless you’re an advanced user, please leave this as per the standard settings.

URL: this is where you insert web address, minus the protocol prefix.
If you're linking to an item in your own website, click the Browse Server button – this allows you to find an image or document that has already been uploaded, so that you can choose that as the link destination. Learn more about the Browse Server function here.

The Target tab allows you to specify how your link opens; you should generally leave this as per the default ‘<not set>’, but you can select ‘New Window if you’re linking to an external website and want the link to open in a new window.


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