To create a custom public controller for your website, just add a new controller to your website's controller folder:


Your controller will extend InvPublicController, and the basic structure will be:

class ExampleController extends InvPublicController 
	public function __construct($obj_db , $obj_session , $view_template , $path_info){
		parent::__construct($obj_db , $obj_session , $view_template , $path_info);
		$this->view_title = 'Example';
	protected function setInputValues() 
		// Set any GET / POST inputs required by your controller, for example
	public function doController() 
		// Process user input, and generate output, for example...
		$this->message = 'Received: ' . $this->arr_input['example1'] . ' and ' . $this->arr_input['example2'];


Theme template

You should also add a theme template for this controller in your current theme folder. If you're using a library theme theme, you can create a 'custom' folder within themes to contain your custom templates.

If you are using a custom theme for your website


If you are using a library theme for your website


Example template

<h1>Example Template</h1>
<p><?php echo htmlspecialchars($this->message) ?></p>

More information on the structure of dotAdmin controllers here

Another example dotAdmin public controller here

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